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Hi there, I'm HarriART


Welcome to my Art & Photography Website!

Harriet McDevitt-Smith (b. 1992, Birmingham, England) is a British Artist, Graphic Designer, Photographer and all around good egg based in Aberystwyth, Mid Wales.

I feel like I've been an artist for as long as I can remember and have been very lucky to have been involved in various creative and community projects from a young age. My work and projects use a wide variety of mediums often focusing on Photography, Graphic Design, Mixed Media and Practical effects.

My Photography often focuses on those precious, spontaneous little moments that tend to find me while I'm out and about. Likewise, my Art tends to reflect the beauty of the quirky little details. As a result my work tends to playful and accessible, just the way I believe art is supposed to be!


Academically I started off as a young Graphic Design college student in the West Midlands before going on to study a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art at Aberystwyth University, graduating in 2014. My experience of these two very different worlds is the key ingredient to the way I work. Combining that wealth of unbridled creativity that can only come from being an artist with the discipline, promotional skills and technical know-how of a graphic designer.

Professionally known as HarriART; I first set up as a freelancer back in 2017 and so far, it’s been an absolute blast! Then in 2019, As part of an extensive (and very labour-intensive!) rebrand I separated my business into two divisions: One for Art & Photography and one for Graphic Design. I did this to give my business some much-needed focus and refining and to give you, yes YOU the best possible user experience.


In my spare time I enjoy going on adventures, wildlife, animation, tinkering, making things and wearing as many colours as I can in a single outfit.







B.A. Hons Fine Art -

Aberystwyth School of Art

Foundation Degree Art & Design -

Walsall College


National Diploma Graphic Design -

Matthew Boulton College/Walsall College



2023 Bywyd Gwyllt Ceredigion Wildlife 2024 Illustrated Calendar

2023 Picturing Walsall Photo Competition - Part of Historic England Picturing Highstreets project Runner Up (link) (link) (link)

2022 Ewch i Dyfu! / Go & Grow! Illustrated Map Commission (link)


2022 - Present Wildlife Journal Project

2021 Ffotomarathon 2021 Highly Commended -  LLyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru/ National Library of Wales (link)

2021 Oriel Lockdown - Aberystwyth Arts Centre  (link)


2020 FfotoAber Photomarathon 2020 WINNER (link) (link) (link)

2020 HarriART Phase 2 (Rebrand)

2019 ABER by HarriART 2020 Calendar - Aberystwyth (link)

2018 Tiny Worlds - Aberystwyth (link)

2018 Royal Welsh Winter Show Finalist Exhibition

2018 FfotoAber Photomarathon 2018 - Aberystwyth (link)

2018 Royal Welsh 100th Show Arts Competition Shortlist (link)

2017 ABER by HarriART 2018 Calendar - Aberystwyth (link)

2017 Blood, Sweat and Tea Productions Presents:

Titus Andronicus (link)

2014 Aberystwyth School of Art

Summer Degree Show (link) (link)

2014 The Village - Aberystwyth (link)

2013 ISP &  Experimental Media Winter Show

- Aberystwyth School of Art

2013 The Lichfield Festival - Lichfield

2012 ISP Winter Show - Aberystwyth School of Art

2012 FfotoAber Photomarathon 2012 - Aberystwyth

2011 Walsall College Foundation Art and Design Summer Show

2010 The Innovation Project - Walsall College, Walsall (link)

2009 ND Graphic Design Final Major Project Exhibition

- Walsall College

2008  Hi8tus Midlands - The Mailbox, Birmingham (link) (link)

2007 What I'm Made Of - Chameleon Gallery, Walsall

2006 - 2009 Walsall Youth Arts (Various)

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