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Based on a True Story

A tail of inspiration in the face of things going wrong.

So the story begins ....

(Aberystwyth Marina, 4:30am)

As any photographer knows - there are times you simply have to drop everything and strike while the iron is hot. This was me, I had fallen asleep on the sofa and in the early hours I was awoken by bright moonlight shining through the window.

Judging the position, I quickly realised that there was a full moon directly over the ocean, and it absolutely HAD to be photographed! So I grabbed my gear and off I went towards the marina.

It being early June, by the time I got there the sky was already starting to turn early morning blue. The moon was also sinking fast - I was running out of time. The moon perfectly aligned with the lighthouse beyond. Tripod up, here we go!


There, out of the darkness, a local resident appeared. A large white and orange cat had come over to say hello. Now, I am very much a cat lover and am always happy to see one, especially one so friendly. This guy however seemed a little too friendly - It wouldn't leave me or my tripod alone!

Pictured: The resident.

Another thing every photographer knows is that shooting in low light requires the camera to remain still and secure. Unfortunately for me, this was not possible as my new friend would jump up onto the wall and nuzzle my arms

By the time it jumped up onto the wall in front of the camera (eclipsing the moon entirely!) The sky had unfortunately gotten too light, and the moon too low to get anything decent from the shoot. It couldn't be helped - I went home for a nap.

A few days later, inspiration struck again! I would take the events of that very early morning and immortalise them in a (several) different medium entirely!

Inspired by recent antics; a mixed-media piece made from a combination of painting, paper, collage and sewing.

When life gives you lemons, make art anyway!


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