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Oriel Lockdown

I'm in an exhibition! Right now at Aberystwyth Art's Centre!

Remember that silly bit of fun I made last year during the first lockdown? Well now you can see it with your own eyes right now at Aberystwyth Arts Centre!

You can find my piece Lockdown yn yr Lolfa among almost 400 pieces of work by 160 artists as part of the Oriel Lockdown Exhibition

Oriel Lockdown celebrates the value that the arts have played over the period of the pandemic. With most of us confined to our houses and the local vicinity, we noticed on social media that a huge amount of people including amateur and professional artists were turning to art and creativity to see them through. - Aberystwyth Arts Centre

My trip to the show last week marked the first time I've visited a gallery, or really any inside space (that wasn't a shop or a workplace) since the before times. This exhibition has taken over the entire centre and It truly is a spectacular thing to witness. Especially seeing so many interpretations in such wide variety of mediums.

I'm absolutely delighted to have been selected to be a part of it

Oriel Lockdown runs 21st June to 5th September at Aberystwyth Arts Centre

A Sequel

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